This is Little Powers.

A one-woman design studio celebrating the simple wonders of life through hand lettering, illustration, and bespoke paper goods. Founded by Emily Loper in the sunny state of California.

Interested? Read on, folks! Below, you’ll find more details on who I am, what I offer, and what it’s like to work with me from start to finish. Let's make something powerful.



Hand lettering


Pattern design


Stationery design

Wedding suites




Tattoo design






The creative process

There are plenty of businesses out there that specialize in beautiful, templated designs. This isn't one of them.

Because no two clients are alike, each project is an overwhelmingly awesome pursuit of creating something uniquely tailored to the person, couple, or business that it represents. Design is nothing without process, but due to the custom nature of my work, there's no exact science to getting things done right. There are, however, a few things I count on to keep everything running smoothly:


01. The meet & greet

Whether you're looking for wedding invitations, branding, or a creative collaboration, I need to know you to bring your vision to life. Before we get started, we'll meet on the phone or in person so I can learn about you and dig into your project, and so you can ask me any questions too.

02. The hairy details

Each project is custom, so the pricing and timeline will depend on your ambitions. We'll work out the details following our initial consultation, and you'll receive a tailored proposal with key dates and dollar figures. If you're game, we'll sign a contract and get to work!


03. The fun part

Every design starts from scratch. I'll do some research, collect inspiration, and develop an initial concept. We’ll then work back and forth to finalize that concept through two rounds of feedback and refinement.


04. The OTHER fun part

Once we've agreed on a finalized design, I'll begin production and physical assembly (folding, cutting, sealing, stuffing–whatever your project requires!). You can be as involved or removed from this process as you wish.


“Blank paper has always inspired me.”

Daniel Handler


Emily Loper

Illustrator + letterer + stationer

Hey, hello! I'm Emily, the woman behind Little Powers. I moonlight as a freelancer here at Little Powers, but by day, I'm a user experience designer in the Bay Area tech world.

Pretty paper goods give me major heart eyes. I spend my 9-to-5 working in pixels, so I find it refreshing to get creative with materials I can literally touch and feel. Combining my designs with tangible paper, ink, wax and twine to help nurture offline relationships refills my cup and keeps me energized. I love working with couples in love and creative entrepreneurs to tell stories and bring more beauty into the world.

My time between designs is best spent dancing around the kitchen while my husband cooks, playing nice with the pen tool, and scouting my next big adventure. I'm a fan of dingy little antique shops, snail mail, and Stumptown. I believe wholeheartedly in the phrase, "Always be growing."



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